Jeff Rowland - We Have All The Time In The World

This painting has the back drop of Parliament, buildings that are usually associated with the news and world affairs. I just thought that it would work really well as a romantic composition if painted in the right way so I have given the appearance and shape of the building without going into the very ornate details of it, yet it still remains recognisable. The lovers have been out walking in the rain and with nobody around they have taken the opportunity to embrace. In my eyes it may be because they don’t know when they will see each other again or it may be a stolen moment together. The title of the painting came to me, like all good things, by accident! Whilst listening to my constantly tuned in radio Louis Armstrong started to sing "We Have All The Time in The World". Perfect, what beautiful words I thought. This song complemented the idea that maybe this was a stolen moment after all, or do you think differently?

Giclee On Paper
20 x 32''

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